Hello, my name is Winson Chew, a real estate consultant at Huttons Asia Pte Ltd with years of experience since 2014. My areas of expertise include condominiums (including new launches), HDB, landed properties as well as commercial and office space. I understand that each of my clients has different needs and requirements and I treat everyone with the highest degree of service and professionalism. My only purpose is to deliver successful results!

In the last 5 years, I had guided and assisted my esteemed clients in their real estate requirements, be it selling, buying and/or renting their Home Sweet Home. From the first contact time with my client to settling them down into their new dream home, I gave them my undivided focus and attention to the finest details. 
Whether you are an investor, a first time home buyer or a foreigner looking to relocate to Singapore, I would guide and assist you through the whole process of finding your dream home. I will be by your side to help you in every steps to make YOUR BEST REAL ESTATE DECISION in your life.  
Look No Further. Engage me as your PERSONAL consultant for your property portfolio. 

Winson Chew
Associate Marketing Director
Mobile : 92995311. 

您好,我的名字是周益兴,Huttons Asia Pte Ltd的房地产顾问,自2014年以来拥有多年的经验。我的专业领域包括公寓(包括新项目),组屋,有地房产以及商业和办公空间。 我知道我的每个客户都有不同的需求和要求,我会以最高的服务和专业精神对待每个人。 我唯一的目的是取得成功的结果 !

在过去的5年里,我曾引导和协助我尊敬的客户满足他们的房地产需求,无论是出售,购买或租赁他们的温馨之家。 从与客户的第一次接触时间到将他们安置到他们的新梦想家中,我给了他们一心一意,不可分割的重视和关注最细微的细节。 
无论您是投资者,首次购房者还是希望搬迁到新加坡的外国人,我都会引导并协助您完成寻找梦想家园的整个过程。 我将竭诚为您提供帮助,帮助您做出最佳房地产决策。
别犹豫观望了。 就请我作为您的物业组合的个人顾问吧。



手机号 : 92995311.